1 Billion Voices is an initiative by a group of young people committed to supporting the endeavors of the United Nations in raising awareness regarding persons with disabilities.

1 Billion Voices is a project co-organised by the Division of Social Policy and Development at the United Nations.

Billion Voices invites people with disabilities from all corners of the planet to virtually participate by submitting their messages about how CRPD has helped them and what their hopes are for the future. The project will take the form of a digital exposition, which is part of the United Nation’s official program for the celebration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

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Alone you can build a road, together we can build history!


This year we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The Convention marked a landmark moment that elaborately detailed the rights of persons with disabilities, outlined a code of implementation, and established a movement to combat prevalent prejudices.

Under the treaty, among other clauses, countries are to guarantee persons with disabilities their inherent right to life, equality before the law, access to financial property and resources, and protection against discrimination and abuse. Moreover, countries are required to identify and eliminate accessibility obstacles and ensure that persons with disabilities are able to live independently with an adequate standard of living.

Yet, for many of the 1 billion persons – 150 million children – with disabilities around the world, the ability to access information, communicate, and fully participate in society remains an elusive luxury. Even in developed countries, primary school completion among this group averages around 60%, with the dropping to 45% for men and just over 30% for women in developing countries. Considering that having a disability increases the cost of living by about a third of the national average income, the lack of education is an immediate and perpetual disadvantage that further exasperates the challenges faced by persons with disabilities.

Statistics about 150 million children under the age of 18 has a disability


People with boards People with boards

  • Raise global awareness for challenges faced by persons with disabilities
  • Exchange good practices, examples, and strategies to make a world more inclusive and accessible for persons with disabilities
  • Encourage national and international cooperation among various stakeholders
  • Inspire individuals around the world to actively participate in making the world a more accessible place.


Throughout history, persons with disabilities have been viewed as individuals who require societal protection out of sympathy rather than respect. This convention is a major step toward changing the perception of disability and ensuring that societies recognize that all people must be provided with the opportunities to live life to their fullest potential.

The purpose of the convention is to promote, protect, and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights by persons with disabilities. It covers a number of key areas, such as accessibility, personal mobility, health, education, employment, habilitation and rehabilitation, participation in political life. The convention marks a shift in thinking about disability: from a social welfare concern to a human rights issue, which acknowledges that societal barriers and prejudices are themselves disabling. (Source: United Nations)




Persons with Disabilities in the Sustainable Development Goals


We believe that everyone has the right to be heard.

We believe that together we can find lasting solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

We believe that our interdependence and shared humanity requires us all to actively
participate and contribute to make a better world.

We believe in a world of dignity, where differences are valued and at the same time
unite us for the common good.

We firmly believe in a world inclusive and sustainable, where no one is left behind.

We believe that alone a person can make a road, but by joining forces we make history!